Welcome to Les Cotons Comiques,  
Malagasy Coton de Tulear dogs.

We are a small, home breeder based in Atlanta Georgia.

Coton de Tulears are intelligent, lively dogs. They are bred to be companion dogs. They are not working dogs or sporting dogs or terriers (ratters). Cotons get very attached to their human. Although all of them do not have it, some are prone to separation anxiety. Therefore, if you plan to leave your dog outside or at home alone for long periods of time, you should research another type of dog. If you are suited to having a companion and giving your dog a loving home, a Coton de Tulear will reward you tremendously.


Member of the


Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club







Breeders Dedicated to Protecting the Future of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear.

We embrace all the colors of the different coat colors and sizes of the Malagasy Coton de Tulear.


Cotons are full of surprises!


Image 204.jpg

Cotons love the snow!



Cotons love to hike!

Daphne and Fifine

Cotons love the beach!

Fifine and Daphne


Cotons love other animals!

Daphne with Dave and Angela


Cotons love to go to parties!

Coreen Savikko's Annual Coton de Tulear Party, 2013